Only $14.95

 (ONLY  $14.95)

(YA or ADULT)  What does it take to be a Great American woman?


                                                                                                                        Who inspired Rachel Carson to write “Silent Spring” or Gertrude Elion to find cures for childhood leukemia? How did Sally Ride get to be our first U. S. female astronaut in space? And why did Elizabeth Blackwell become our first female doctor? “Great American Women in Science and Environment” looks at 14 fascinating women we should all get to know better. They are worth our time. Young girls and boys should BOTH learn more about the childhoods and guidance they received in order to be “great” women. ($14.95) MORE Below.


            ($29.00)                                                                                                Have you ever heard of a cat being resurrected from a bag, a thoughtful clock in the family for many years, a cowboy who thinks he is a robber, or ways to deal with geese on the farm?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

“Cats, Cowboys, Clocks & Chickens” is a cute collection of remembrances in the form of short stories, essays,  and poems from both the Jonesborough,  TN Senior Center (your money supports them) and the Lost State Writers Guild of the northeast TN area. Even the poems are cute!  $29.00. Another book below.


A great buy — ($10.95)

What does it take for schools to run well today?             How best should parents prepare their children for school? How important is the principal’s role in  the “Education Equation”? “Let’s Run Our Schools Together,” written by an author with  teaching experience and sons who have gone to public schools, can provide some clues. There are even tips in here for teachers and students. Informative and worth the price.   $10.95